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Forsyth MECHS School Calendar for 2017-18

Feb. 19 & 20       Presidents Holiday
April 2-6              Spring Break
May 28                Memorial Day
May 29                Summer School Begins

Mountain Education Charter HS Testing Schedule
February 12-15   EOC Spring Mid-Month
March 19-22        EOC Spring Mid-Month
Apr. 30-May 9      EOC Spring Main Administration

                           April 30   ELA, Section 1
                           May 1     ELA, Sections 2 & 3
                           May 2     All Mathematics
                           May 3     Makeup Day for LA & Mathematics
                           May 7     All Science
                           May 8     All Social Studies
                           May 9     Makeup Day for Science and Soc. St.
July 16-19          EOC Summer Main Administration

Buffalo's Cafe Students of the Month

Jordan Powell is one of the most popular students at Forsyth MECHS mainly due to his friendly award winning personality. As a result, he has been named the "Buffalo's Cafe Freshman Student of the Month" for January. In fact, his infectious demeanor was noticeably apparent to one staff member who remarked, "Jordan always speaks to me in the hall and his attendance is excellent!" Pictured with Jordan is Social Worker Karen Ewing (left) and Mentor Services Director Jeff Thompson.

Diligence, respect, ethical behavior and excellence are adjectives that describe Lucero Vazquez, who has been honored as "Buffalo's Cafe Sophomore Student of the Month." A compilation of staff comments described the successful coed thusly: "Lucero is hard working and kind hearted. She works diligently and respectfully and asks for help. She puts in long evenings of study and takes beautiful notes. She is an excellent student who deserves this award." Pictured with Lucero are Karen Ewing (left), School Social Worker, and Jeff Thompson, Director of Mentor Services. Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
Junior Student: Cassie Reyna (no picture available) The Junior selection for January "Buffalo's Cafe Student of the Month" is Cassie Reyna, a well respected successful student. When describing her for this commendation a compilation of faculty views is as follows: "Cassie is respectful, polite and totally engaged in her education. She exhibits an attitude of personal responsibility. Cassie attends regularly and makes steady progress. She has persevered in her most challenging subjects. Even though she has had some obstacles in getting her transcript to reflect her true credits, she still remains optimistic. Cassie is always interacting with her peers when in the hallways. It is my pleasure to nominate her for student of the month."
Senior Student: Muhammad Drammeh (no picture available) Diligence and a positive attitude are characteristics of the Senior selection for January "Buffalo's Cafe Student of the Month," Muhammad Drammeh. He was described thusly by staff members: "Mohammed never gives up. He comes in faithfully, works hard, is always positive and is determined to get it done even in the face of difficulty."
Important Academic Information for Parents Students at Mountain Education Charter High school must have 23 credits to graduate. On average, students that attend school each night from Monday through Thursday while working 4 hours per night can earn one credit in approximately one month. Graduation occurs when a student earns 23 credits in their respective “Plan of Study,” which is developed by the school and approved by parents. Ask about your student’s “Plan of Study” when you attend any of the parent meetings offered at school Students actually “graduate” the day that their respective plan of study is completed. However, they may then choose to take part in the graduation ceremony, which is scheduled in late May.
Georgia First Lady Visits MECHS

Sandra Deal with a new graduate and MECHS staff

By: Richard Gill

Sandra Deal, the First Lady of Georgia and the wife of Governor Nathan Deal, visited Mountain Education Charter High School on Monday, October 17, by attending classes at the Forsyth site.  While there Mrs. Deal spoke with students and teachers in the respective classrooms to learn more about the unique process and culture that is evident in each MECHS learning community.

The First Lady was invited to the Mountain Education Charter High School system by Assistant Superintendent Tracy Sanford at a recent statewide educational event.  Sanford, who knew of Mrs. Deal’s goal of visiting each of the more than 200 public school districts in Georgia, extended the invitation and coordinated the visit.

Once on campus Forsyth MECHS Site Administrator Kim Barnes took over and hosted the event by escorting Mrs. Deal to the various classrooms while stimulating discussion between students and the First Lady.  “I like the structure that Mountain Ed provides,” explained a student in a science classroom.  “For me,” said a male student in a math class, “this school gives me more attention and I need that.  I moved from Ohio and have bounced around at different schools without finding success.  Here, I feel like the teachers care about me and look out for me.”

The First Lady herself was a former teacher and explained her background in one classroom.  “Shortly after Nathan and I were married I took a job as a third grade teacher and I realized that I needed to be with older students.  I then transferred to sixth grade, and most of my career in teaching was in middle school.  I really liked the middle school students.”

Mrs. Deal continued to disclose to the students that she gave up teaching as she began a family, but often volunteered at local schools to be near her children and “to learn more about the friends that they associated with.  This made gave me more understanding into my own children and their decisions.”

The visit culminated with a photo opportunity with several staff members and a gift presented to the First Lady by Sanford thanking her for her time at Mountain Education Charter High School.


Upcoming Parent Events
Upcoming Parent Events

Mohammed never gives up. He comes in faithfully, works hard, is always positive and is determined to get it done even in the face of difficulty.
Upcoming Events
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An Academic, Individualized, Evening High School

Mountain Education Charter High School (MECHS) is a collaborative effort of Elbert, Fannin, Forsyth, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Pickens, Rabun, Towns, Union, and White County School Systems. The MECHS collaborative organization also operates sites in Habersham and Stephens Counties. We are an academic, self-paced, individualized evening high school that serves students who are seeking a non-traditional school environment and who desire a Georgia high school diploma.

MECHS also serves students who need to make-up missed credit from their regular high school, enabling them to stay on academic track and graduate with their peers. 

MECHS is a year-round high school that offers all Georgia required curriculum courses as well as a variety of vocational courses and state-mandated testing. 

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