Goals & Strategic Plan

For a copy of our Strategic Plan, click HERE.

  1. Academic Goals. The State Board shall hold the Charter School accountable for the full performance of each of the academic goals listed below. The requirements of each goal are independent of and do not supersede the requirements of any other goal. 
    1. Goal 1: The Charter School will perform above the level that would place it on the Priority Schools list, the Focus Schools list, or the Alert Schools list. The Charter School will also meet all targets (currently CCRPI and State Performance Targets), as defined by Georgia state requirements and the state's waiver of No Child Left Behind, subject to any amendment, waiver or reauthorization thereof. Students will demonstrate proficiency and improvement over prior years' performance.
      1. Measure 1: During each year o f t h e charter term, the Charter School will meet or exceed all State Performance Targets and all other statewide-accountability requirements as established by the Department each year for all content areas of the End of Course Test (EOCT).
      2. Measure 2: During each year of the charter term, the percentage of charter school students scoring in the meets or exceeds category on the End of Course Test (EOCT) will score at least the same or higher than the State Average in all subject areas.
      3. Measure 3: The Charter School will increase the initial baseline1 graduation rate by .5% each year. 
    2. Goal 2: The Charter School will demonstrate post high school readiness.
      1. Measure 1: Students at the Charter School will score within 5% of the state average of the Meets or Exceeds pass rate on the Georgia High School Writing Test each year for first time test takers.
      2. Measure 2: The Charter School will increase the number of graduates who complete a pathway within their progran1 of study by 1% each year over the baseline average. 
    3. Goal 3: Mountain Education Charter High School will work to increase the average daily attendance.
      1. Measure 1: The Charter School will increase the initial baseline attendance rate by .5% per year.
      2. Measure 2: Eighty percent (80%) of respondents who complete an annual student survey assessing the Charter School's environment will rate the school as being a friendly place were they feel welcomed. This Survey will be conducted by an independent research firm, whose results will be reported to the Board of Directors and all stakeholders annually.
      3. Measure 3: At least 80% of the Charter School's students will produce a monthly life action plan which includes academic, attendance, career and testing goals that will guide the students toward graduation. 
  2. Organizational Goals. The fulfillment of the following organizational goals will be reported annually by the Charter School in addition to their Annual Report.
    1. Goal 1: The Charter School will be economically sustainable.
      1. Measure 1: Each year, the Charter School will operate in a fiscally sound manner as measured by an external audit that is submitted on time to the Department.
      2. Measure 2: Actual and proposed budgets for each school year will demonstrate effective allocation of resources.
      3. Measure 3: Yearly balance sheets will demonstrate that the Charter School maintains adequate cash reserves.
      4. Measure 4: The Charter School will meet all Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) as demonstrated by external, annual audit reports.
      5. Measure 5: The Charter School will meet all financial reporting deadlines set by the Department.
    2. Goal 2: The Charier School shall ensure all employees and Governing Board Members receive effective training. 
    3. Goal 3: The Charter School shall promote a positive school experience that engages students, parents and teachers.
      1. Measure 1: Each year, the Charter School's teaching staff will indicate that they are at least "satisfied" with the overall quality of their job as measured via an annual survey conducted at the conclusion of the school year. The teacher survey response rate will exceed 80% of the Charter School's instructional staff (teachers and paraprofessionals).
      2. Measure 2: Each year of the charter term, 100% of instructional staff members will use a student progress system that monitors student performance to help identify deficiencies in academic progress and then provide the appropriate instructional remediation.
      3. Measure 3: Each year of the charter term, at least 80% of the Charter School's parents will interact with the Student Services support staff via personal or virtual contact to monitor student progress.